Monday, July 14, 2014

Gulkand Shake - The Simple Milk Shake Flavoured with Rose Petal Jam

Whenever I think of  making anything  using gulkand as the ingredient. I feel happy because gulkand is my all time favourite. The people who do not know what the gulkand is?? The gulkand is the rose petal jam , which is prepared by preserving rose petals in the sugar syrup.It is also used in many Indian dessert.
 I like to eat it any time of the day. I think sometimes even  bottle gets over.  Gulkand has its own  medicinal benefits like it removes heat from the body and also it helps in digestion. And yes this drink helps to boost the child's immunity power.

Coming to the recipe- Gulkand milkshake is the blend of gulkand, rose syrup and milk.
You may think when there is gulkand as flavouring substance then why she added again rose syrup. By adding rose syrup you get that lovely pinky colour. This is very refreshing drink truely enjoyed during summer and best treat to your child who is not willing to have plain cup of milk. Surprise them with this simple refreshing drink
So lets get started...

Serves - 2 people

  • Milk - 2 cups
  • Gulkand (Rose petal jam ) - 3 tbsp
  • Rose syrup - 1 tbsp (be generous to get the beautiful colour)
  • Crushed ice - about 1 cup


  • Combine milk, gulkand and rose syrup into the blender. Blend it into the smooth mixture.
  • Now add in the crushed ice and blend it again for few minutes.
  • Pour it into individual glasses and serve chilled.
  • Here we go Gulkand Shake is ready to serve.

  • If desired you can also add icecream and just blend it for few minutes.


  1. Lovely Pictures.. You really good at it.. and a nice blog too

  2. Very delightful shake, loving it.