Friday, August 15, 2014

Tri colour chutney - Happy Independence Day

Today we are celebrating the 68th year of independence day. So on this wonderful freedom day I would love to wish everyone a "Happy Independence Day".This is one big occasion to all Indians. I remember in my childhood how we would be excited for this day. Early morning wake up, wear white uniform with same colour ribbon and shoes and run to school. There used to be many events, distribution of sweets, hoisting flag with national anthem. Everything use to be so wonderful and enjoyable. At Least on these day I really miss my school days. 

Our National flag Tiranga which means tri colour flag describes our free nation of this world.
Today's post will be all regarding to our National Flag. To make my post more attractive on this special day. I have come up with these tri colour chutney which perfectly denotes to each of the colour of our national flag. The detailing of these chutney will be done in upcoming post.
This post will be in remembrance of those brave soldiers who fought for us by sacrificing their lives, bringing out peace and spreading the prosperity to our nation. This is my Grand Salute to them "Jai Hind".

Red chutney will remind you of the very first colour of our national flag that is SAFFRON.
The colour saffron stands for sacrifices.
This I meant  that our soldiers protect India from external enemies by sacrificing their whole life.

Coconut chutney will remind you  of the second colour of our national flag that is WHITE.
The colour white stands for peace.
This I meant that the bloodshed of our soldiers that protects our nation's independence.

Coriander chutney will remind you  of the third colour of our national flag that is GREEN.
The colour green stands for prosperity.
This I meant to remind our beloved soldiers who fought for to save us from the enemy and spread out the prosperity in our country.