Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Most Powerful Battle- Capture and Defeat Fear

Did you know? Fear is obnoxious sensation caused by threats of risk. The fear is caused since we live with our life that is controlled by our mind. The mind gets influenced by what it sees and what others say (be it positive or negative). Some years back, I too had a fear of heights. It was to such a extent that I was not able to stand on the chair and clean the fan. I always had to find an excuse from my parents.

I also used to avoid going to any of the roller coaster rides or rides on the giant wheels. I used to get satisfied by seeing the rides from far and never wanted to experience them first hand.

Well when I went out, I used to find my self sitting lonely at the corner, as the fun was too much to miss even for the best friends of mine. My all friends were brave enough to do all the activities, which I was fearful. I would say most of my batchmates were courageous to  give those activities (which I felt were not my cup of tea) at least a  try.

During the last term of my college, All my friends decided to go to a adventurous camp and got the required approval from our principal. Groups were made and every group had 6 members. Among 6 people, five were main players of the game and last would be extra player. Extra person would be needed if the main player cannot play in the game for any reasons such as injuries, health issues etc. Hence there were altogether 6 in the group.

There were many activities held in this camp such as mountain climbing, bungee jump, swimming and Para shot fly. Though I was scared of all these activities, I was still included in the team as an extra player.  I knew hundred percent (call it overconfidence) that I would not participate in any of these. But still I was in the team.

Unfortunately on the day of camp, one member of my team had a severe headache and vomiting. Hence I was forced to take up that position and participate in any of these activities. The time had come when I had to participate in the activity along with my team. I never thought this time(of my jumping the action) would happen. Naturally I scared a lot about this.  Goose bumps were ruling and heart beat was increasing. I was helpless.

My team had no hopes on me but my teacher came up to me and asked me politely, why I was so nervous to participate in these activity. I said , I was scared of heights always and never did anything since my fear controlled me . But my teacher told me that “ fear is not the whole life but fear is only a small part of a life. Whenever you feel your scared of something , try to overcome it and fight against to get rid of it. So this is the best time to prove yourself and show everyone that you too can do the same what others can do. So go for it and show us the side of you which no one has seen due to ruling of fear within you. Go and Come victorious” .

After hearing her, I had a very positive feeling and wanted to give the activity a shot. I closed my eyes advised by my teacher, took a deep breath and then opened my eyes. This was my first time in my life when I was about  to participate in one of the daring game – “bungee jump”. I took God's name and but could jump in the first count. There was some tickling in my stomach. The teacher came forward to me and told me to close my eyes and open it when I fall. I was fearful but she holded my hands that this experience would change the upcoming life for me. She had that always been my inspiration and her words were boosting my confidence. She asked me to stand at the edge and at count three, I was pushed.

As I opened my eyes I was falling. I screamed, asked god to save me but  nothing happened. I was still falling. But the cool air feeling, the tickling in my stomach and the cheers by my friends were somewhere telling me that I was doing something which I never done earlier. Suddenly after one jump down and up, I was losing fear and enjoying it. I was screaming with joy rather than fear. I am alive today to write my experience and kicking the fear of life whenever It knocks my door.  That day onwards my life was out of fear and I give my best to win over the fear rather than escape it. This was my story of fear and I will be always thankful to my teacher.

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Here is the great video by Mountain Dew India that shows how one can overcome the fear and claim the victory over it..So go for it

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  1. Very interesting and inspiring story. I hope u have lost all your fear now...Be strong and stay away from all fear....