Monday, October 8, 2012

Women's Blogger Conference - For A Great Cause

Hello Friends...

Today I came across a new event that you may be interested in, it is for Women Bloggers .  The event organizers want to create an event that you will want to participate in…complete the survey to make your wishes known….SURVEY LINK HERE.  Also, the event is tied in to support is a well known online fundraiser site for child/student related projects to help teachers fund the cost of projects they would like to do with their students.  Through this project we can help all those students who are really in need of the resources in their classroom. These students have the wide variety of strengths and abilities. But in order to utilize them properly, the students have different individual needs.  So with this event we all can help and support them.  More details will be provided after the survey results are compiled.

With a little help spreading this information, we all can make their event successful and their charity work a big success.

Take the below survey and give your valuable input to help design your ideal event.

survey page..

Thanks in advance for taking time to read this post. Double thanks for taking the survey.

You can get more information about the charity at

Good luck Friends... 

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