Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ghavan - Famous Konkani Breakfast

Ghavan or Pan-pole is the one of the popular konkani style breakfast. This dosa is also very famous in south India. They call them neer dosa means watery dosa. It is type of dosa where in fresh coconut is added to make dosa soft. When you prepare these dosa without adding coconut into it, the dosa texture are bit hard. So coconut is the key ingredients to make dosa soft. Traditionally these dosa are served with molasses. But it is also served with spicy chutney or spicy mixed vegetable gravy.

  • Rice -  2 cups
  • Fresh coconut - 3/4 cup (scrap/slices)
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil   for frying


  • Wash and soak rice in water for about 6 to 7 hours.
  • Combine soaked rice and coconut into grinder and grind it into a fine paste.
  • The batter should be in semi thin consistency, so add water as required.
  • Add salt into the batter and mix it.
  • Heat tava on medium flame and spread oil generously .
  • Then splash the batter on the tava .This may be difficult for beginner. But do not worry " Practice makes the man perfect".
  • Drizzle oil around the edges and let it cook for a few minutes till it separates from the tava and the surface becomes dry.
  • Take the dosa on a serving plate with the same side down as it was on the tava ,so that it won’t stick as it is hot.
  • Let it cool and then fold it in a half.
  • You can also serve it hot with chutney or molasses. It taste yum.


  1. we have something similar in kerala as well... nice recipe...

  2. heard a lot abt this and once even copied down the recipe from a cookery show on TV, yet to try it..... ur pic now makes me want to try it out soon

  3. New to me,looks so yummy,thanks for sharing.