Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Top Online Food Ordering Websites in India

Feeling hungry? Internet can feed you. How? Today, lots of online food ordering websites are available. They are really great. India has many food ordering websites as well. If you need to eat, then you can use them. They cover numerous numbers of restaurants in India. This article talks about some online food ordering websites in India. Read it attentively.

Foodpanda: This is one of the best food ordering websites in India. You will be surprised to know that it covers more than 4000 restaurants in India. All you need to do is input city and location then you will be delivered your desired food. It is really easy, fast. You can pay either online or use the cash on delivery system. Lots of cuisines like South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, pizza, dessert, etc. are offered. You can even use your mobile phone to order food. It covers all major cities like Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Faridabad, etc.

Domino’s pizza: If you love pizza, then you must have heard of Domino’s pizza. It is a world famous company. It is so popular that it has spread its branch in India. Domino’s has lots of restaurants in India. Want to get the best pizza delivery in the world? Then you must try Domino’s pizza. Visit the site; it will blow your mind. Since its birth in 1996, it has been delivering great pizzas all over India. Get 30-minute delivery. The main strategy of this world famous company is “think global, act local.” It is really doing well in India. It is a must visit site for its unique design and service.

TastyKhana: This is another great online food delivery site in India. It covers a lot of cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, etc. One of the best features of TastyKhana is its great customer service. You will love it. Unhappy with the late orders? Then report and get refunds, though the refund will be given as TastyKhana credits. What are you waiting for? Order as soon as possible and get a nice experience.

Just Eat: This is a very popular online food delivery site. Fortunately, it has spread its service in India. It has become one of the most popular online food delivery sites in India. You will really love the interface of the site. The “feed me now” search box is really a fantastic idea. It has become one-stop solution for all kinds of food lovers. Want to buy a lot of foods? Don’t worry; you can order bulk orders. It covers more than 2500 restaurants in India with more than 52+ cuisines. You must use their service. Certainly, you will like the food and the fast, reliable service.

These are the most famous food ordering websites in India. You should visit them as soon as possible. All of them have been doing very well in India. They also provide discount and deal on online order. For more offer and deal on food visit They provide very high-profile customer care service as well. So, if you face any problems, they will be happy to assist you. Happy eating.  

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