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Truth Gives Happiness

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Truth is a thing which cannot be hidden. It is so powerful that sometimes hiding the truth can really shake our conscience. I believe that truth doesn't cost anything, but a lie could cost you everything and live forever.

My journey of truth started when I was studying my engineering. College days are always a fun filled days of our life. Making new friends, chatting, group studies, parties was a fun.

I had never been to hostel as my school and college were in the city where I lived. My friends would ask me to shift to PG (Paying Guest) and stay with them. It was not necessary as my college was very near, hardly would it take 15 minutes from college to home by auto. But staying in hostel was also a fun and had lot of freedom. I knew my parents, though they were open minded but never allowed me for the late night parties. I was always given a deadline and they expected me to be at home in given time.

One day my friends decided for night party and even I was invited. Just for the change we all decided to do the party in any nice hotel. I knew it will be very difficult situation for me to attend the party but still I contributed the money, hoping there will be some way to attend the party.

All were excited and curious about the party. Finally the day had come and I had literally gone blank on thinking about the excuses to be given to my parents for attending the party. My friends helped me and gave me many reasons as they could. Nothing was working everything was getting failed. Somewhere in my mind, I had a fear that I am lying to my parents about where I am going. But my mind was in search for a solid reason for attending the party. I was confused and started to find many lies to hide one truth.

Finally I came up with a plan .Soon after we finished our classes, I decided to go directly to hotel instead of home to escape from telling the truth. Because telling lie directly in front of parents was getting difficult. And if I would get any calls from parents I had decided that I will tell them “I am busy studying with my friends as my exams are nearing”. I never wanted to hurt my parents but only wanted to attend the party with my friends. Even my friends supported me and decided to be on this plan.

As my classes were finished. We went to hotel, as per plan and got ready for the party. Party was already started; it was around 8:30 pm. I got a call from my mother asking me “When you will be back from college, it is already too late”. I told her that “I will be late as I have lots to studies to do”.  My mother believed me and kept the phone by telling “Take care and come home soon”.
Her caring words disturbed me. I told my friends that I am not comfortable in the party and have to go home. My friends tried hard to convinced me but I had to leave the party to go back home.

Soon after I reached home. I felt that I should tell the truth. As I entered the house. My mother asked me “Why are you so late and you also look very tired. What happened? Is everything alright??
For a minute I did not react. But I thought this is right time to tell the truth.  And I told her that I am late not because of studies but I was attending the parties with my friends. I also said I shall never repeat this mistake and asked her to forgive me. At this moment I really felt that telling the truth was not that difficult but in hiding it. My mother calmly told me that she was proud of me that I said her truth. Then she explained me how truth gives the happiness in the life. From then onwards, I found myself more confident and most happy person. I believe that how ever the condition will be never hide the truth instead face the situation by telling the truth. Remember happiness of life is in the truth so never escape from it.
This was my story of truth. Do narrate me your story if you have faced any such situation in hiding the truth.

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