Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Simple Love Proposal

Did you ever try to propose to anyone? If yes, do you remember the first time you did it? Well I feel my first (I was lucky that my first also turned out to be the last proposal) proposal was among the toughest task that I have managed. I still remember that I had felt the shiver down my spine, when I was about to propose to my love.

We are usually a bit nervous and also fearful of the outcome. It is very difficult to predict how the other person will take it. I have noticed that guys face less-hardships emotionally when their proposal is rejected compared to girls. I did not mean that guys are not hurt. However they can come out of the trauma very soon than girls. Hence it is very important to wait for the right time and method so that the other person does not take it in the wrong way and reject you forever.

Coming to my dare time. First common quality about both of us was that we were not party animals. We both loved to spend time with few friends on a quite beach side. We loved adventurous trip rather than any parties. So I am thinking to propose on any one of the beautiful Goan beaches. Will it not be a great idea?  This will be a simple proposal method and it will be very different from other common ideas.

My proposing style would be simple and sweet. I will propose my love on the beach. The day before valentine day I will call him saying that I want to meet you tomorrow to talk about our relationship and just disconnect the call. My tone will be little harsh while speaking because I want to surprise him by doing this. And I am damn sure that he will desperately call me back to know what is going on in my mind. Hence I will switch off the mobile, so that he cannot reach me.

Next day morning I will message him the meeting address and ask him to respond back as soon as he reaches the beach. This acknowledgement, will give me the time so that I can be prepared to propose him.

As soon as I get his message, I will go to meet him. I will pretend to be disinterested with a serious expression on my face and stand in attention position. My hands will be behind me and hold a beautiful red rose. Once he sees me, he will come running and try to persuade me to talk about the last conversation.

I would silently stare at him for 40 seconds, slowly counting in my heart. Once my count is over, I will bend on my knees in-front of him. Then I shall tell him how important he is in my life and how my world is incomplete without him.

He is one person who has made my life meaningful and brought special feeling in me. I cannot live without him and want to spent rest of my each and every seconds of my life with him. After narrating my feelings to him I will give him the rose and say “I love you and want to marry you”. Then I shall give him a tight hug and a kiss.

Well it might sound simple in words, but actual execution is the toughest.  What is your cupid story?

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