Monday, April 27, 2015


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There are many reasons to be happy. Like marriages, birthday and many of our festivals. Life is the one best gift which is given by god and we all should believe in ourself to be happy in every single seconds of our life. After all, life is  full of joy and happiness. So keep a  smile on your face to bring a smile on our loved one’s face. Some times they are some moments in our life where we become sad and helpless. Never give up in such condition, look forward and try to find happiness on the way you walk.

So I would like to share some few things that make me  feel happy and discover happiness around me.

Cooking- I love cooking. Cooking is my favourite hobby , where I like to try out different cuisines. Whenever I am in sad mood. Cooking completely changes my sad mood into a happy mood. I am very happy to find happiness through cooking.

Blog Writing-  Writing a blog was my dream talent which I wanted to come up with. Earlier in schools and colleges, I would participate in essay competitions and won many prizes. Then I realized my skills of writing and went forward to start  a blog of my own. Writing a blog makes me to stay tension free and always happy in my life.

My Life My Family- There is no such word to express how I love my family. They are the strength of my life. I am very lucky to have a family that keeps me happy all the time in my life. God bless them.

My Profession –  I have been teaching field since 3 years. I  love my profession. Teaching  can sometimes be a hectic work. But I find happiness when I am surrounded by children. They are funny, naughty, cute and mischievous too. But they are one who try to be happy in all time and also makes others happy

Helping – Household work are the routine to every women. Doing household work naturally becomes  a duty of every woman and girl of the house. Being a lovely daughter of my mother. I like to help my mother in all her work and make her happy and of course become  happy along with her. Mothers are always special. Respect her and make her always happy.

So here completes my lists that make me happy. Let me know what makes you happy.

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