Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji Ki Family

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When it comes to breakfast, I am a very fussy soul because the breakfast is that morning meal which keeps you healthy and strong. Then why to skip a breakfast when you know you will stay healthy after having it. So each time when it comes to morning breakfast, I prefer to have a cup of Kellogg’s with milk and fruits. Kellogg’s is the trusted brand with low contents of fat and calories. Kellogg’s brand cornflakes are the more tasteful cornflakes than any other brands in market. Even doctor suggests that to spend a healthier day, we all need to start our day with right breakfast. By having right breakfast we can feel energetic and strong on any day.  Kellogg’s food is the promising breakfast. You will not get bored off by having it every day because you can make varieties of tasty dishes in less time.

Just like me there is another person in our society who is fond of Kellogg’s. Guess who?? His name is Gattu aka Mr. Guptaji. Guptaji frequently calls me to his house for breakfast. Both of us start our day with Kellogg’s. That’s why I like to visit his house for breakfast. I also get homely feeling with Guptaji’s family. Guptaji’s wife name is Shalu. She is the champion who prepares different breakfast with Kellogg’s cornflakes. She is wonderful chef and a sweet mom of two children Ritu and Rohan.

One day I woke up late. In hurry I dressed myself and went to Guptaji’s home because, I did not wish to skip the breakfast with them. Gattu Sir welcomed me. He asked me to take a seat and join them for the yummy breakfast prepared by Mr.’s Guptaji.
When I looked at the table, I was surprised to see lots of Kellogg’s cornflakes dishes on the table. All dishes were salivating my mouth. Some of the names I could recollect were Banana Cinnamon Cornflakes, Choco Walnut Cornflakes, Cabbage Cornflakes Salad, Cornflakes Rose Falooda and Coconut Cornflakes Laddoo. The presentation of all the dishes was amazing and eye catching. The aroma of each and every dish confused my decision making ability. I was wondering which one to choose first. Finally I decided to start my breakfast with sweet form of Kellogg’s cornflakes i.e. coconut cornflakes laddoo. The coconut cornflakes laddoo was so delicious that it just melted in my mouth. The mix of coconut and cornflakes makes a great combination. Till now I had heard that Mr.’s Gupta was a wonderful cook but she proved that she can experiment Kellogg’s in any form to make a yummy breakfast. Very soon I will be visiting her again with a pen and book to write down all the dishes she cooks with Kellogg’s cornflakes. Today my day was full of energy and was strong throughout the day. Thanks to Guptaji and his family for inviting me for the breakfast.

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