Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ek Nayi League

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Kapil dev is the great star who brought Indian cricket uprising after winning 1983 Cricket world cup. And now after two decades, the famous Kapil dev is back and has recently joined social platform on Twitter. You will see Kapil dev talking about his forthcoming concept #EkNayiLeague. There are many videos where kapil dev will be chatting to some of the most famous stars like Yuvraj Singh, Sania Mirza, Bittu Sharma akka kapil Sharma and dare them to get clean bowled if they try to play the game with their heart.

The top video of kapil dev on you tube is the video message to bittu Sharma akka kapil Sharma, the celebrated humorist of India. In the video Kapil dev has cherished kapil Sharma for his sense of comedy and ability on how he sometimes chucks googly on the guest who comes to his house and clean bowls them by his sense of humor.  In same way he too will be clean bowled if he tries to play the game by his heart.

According to all the videos shared by Kapil dev shows, getting the accomplishment in league will be likely if new game is played by mind not by heart. #EkNayiLeague is based on the new facets of cricket where it is going to be more thrilling and motivating game will be played only by mind. The game is all about the playing with real sportsmanship and being able to manage the pressure circumstances .The league will have very thought-provoking game as we can notice the renowned kapil dev giving more prominence to the game played only by mind not by heart. In one of videos, he has also stated that top player will also face the stress and give his/her best attempt to win this league. I am damn sure this league is going to be one of the inspiring activities which will inspire new age bracket people to take part in sports activity.

I feel this new concept of league includes involvement and provides a chance to all people of India.  #EkNayileague will have diverse rules and guidelines, which will make the game more fun and stimulating. As we know, the normal playing circumstances do not carry the same drive as it was year back ago. The new league could also include the various other personalities from different platform based on the phase of league or if necessity to test mental hardiness rather than physical strength arises. This league is also for those cricketers who did not get the chance to play for their country and other matches.

My guess on #EkNayi League is all put here and I feel I have said enough of it. But in order to get more information on #EkNayileague, simply follow Kapil Dev on twitter. As per his assurance, he will be soon revealing the secret behind his new league. So stay tuned by just following Kapil dev @EkNayiLeague

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