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Natural and simple skin care tips

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Glowing and flawless skin is the dream of everyone. Different problems can occur on different skin types. For instance Oily skin can get pimples and it has greasy texture. Whereas Dry skin is prone to get dehydrated and can get itchy. People with normal skin can be considered to be lucky ones as they do not require much of pampering on their skin. But still the skin needs to be taken care by regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Here are some natural tips which can give you better skin and better healthy life. These tips are easily accessible and are perfect for all the types of the skin.

Healthy food diet
Healthy diet is very essential for glowing and flawless skin. Intake of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables will make your skin clear and spotless. Fish, nuts, brown rice, quinoa, white meat which are protein rich foods can make your skin look healthy. Walnuts, salmon, sardines and soybeans which are high in omega 3 fatty acids helps to reduce inflammation. So taking right amount of food can really help in clearing the skin and realizing your dream of looking beautiful.

Drinking plenty of water
Drinking water everyday can boost the immune system. It also helps to get rid of skin dryness. Besides water also helps to purify the impurities, to cleanse and hydrate the body and to remove the excess oil and dirt. So drinking water everyday should be made a routine since it helps in a simple way to keep your skin clean and clear.

Stay away from sun
It is important to avoiding the exposure to sun after 9 am. As we all know sun is the best source of vitamin D. The exposure of sun to the skin from 6 am to 9 am is considered very good for the healthy skin. So whenever you go outside after 9 am , try to cover your skin and also apply good quality sunscreen lotion or cream. Remember anything when used in appropriate quantity and at appropriate time is good for healthy. sun ray are perfect example of this. So to get a healthy skin get up early in the morning and enjoy the natures gift/remedy.

Hydrating your skin
Hydrating the skin is very essential to keep your skin healthy. Always use cold water for cleansing your face. Washing face with warm water can open the skin pores ,which allows dirt to get into them. Hence while washing the face, never scrub the skin. This can lead to skin irritation which can impact the look/feel of the skin. As a simple rule, it is always a good practice to wash the face in circular movement.

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