Thursday, August 20, 2015

Airtel 4G - The Fastest Network Ever

                                                  Image Source: Airtel

Airtel has launched its new speed 4G. I came to know about it when I saw its commercial ad on TV. I was more curious to know about it in more detail. Hence without wasting much time I started to browse Airtels website . I was mesmerized about its features and at the same time was eager to try the new 4G connection.
With the presentation of Airtel 4G, the bond with them is only going to get stronger than ever. Airtel is  the first service provider in India to upgrade from 3G services to 4G services. This is a welcome step. With the size of data being switched on the Internet increasing with every transitory second, it makes sense to roll out the fastest available technology in India.
You only need a 4G ready device, a 4G SIM and a data pack. Request for a SIM on the website and just access 4G speeds instantly with the 4G SIM.Nowadays you can also enjoy speedy fast internet speeds on the go with Airtel using 4G dongles and 4G WiFi Hotspot. 
4G Dongle is just a plug & play option. It works nicely since the Micro SD card slot helps to use the Dongle as a memory stick. You can also create a WiFi Hotspot for up to 10 devices. This is actually a great option since no USB port is required. Now we can also say bye to our problems of fast battery draining as with the new airtel network your battery can last up to 6 hours.

Here are some activities I would like to do with such unbelievable speeds under my hood without any stresses.
  • Access Social media at faster speed -  Social media has become part of our life. Without using it , it becomes difficult to spend the day. Airtel 4G will now make it more easy to connect with our family and friends. And its fastest speed will help us to talk and watch our loved ones without any hassle .
  • Access Videos with faster speed – Now its going to be exciting to watch the fastest streaming high definition videos, which I have never  imagined earlier.  At the same time now downloading and uploading videos would be  just like swallowing  a piece of cake.
  • Do Transactions with faster speed – Banking sites sometimes crashes in middle of the transaction or activity. To secure the site, a good connection is needed which does not give up when we log on to the site while availing the benefits of the services. With airtel 4G, i hope all the problems will be sorted out  and it will make our online transaction life much more smoother.
Look at the amazing videos that is revolving on TV and social media about Airtel EG, i believe this 4G launch has great services to offer. Originally 296 cities are covered and if we are active on twitter, even we have the chance of receiving the airtel 4G sim at our home doorstep.

Is’nt it amazing…Let grab it one at

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