Sunday, August 9, 2015

Flipkart IndiMeet Experience

After one on one experiencing  of Indimeet, I was very eagerly looking onto another event from indiblogger. Yes, this event was held last week. It was organised by indiblogger and Flipkart. This time indimeet was in the most happening place of Bangalore. Can you guess? Well the venue was Hardrock Cafe. 

As expected, there was life and the excitement from the time I entered the venue. The event started with live performance by indiblogger team which brought everyone extra zest to the event.
Then the star attraction of the event, Flipkart's team, came on board with an exciting new feature on Flipkart app called "Image Search". This feature launch was not only awesome but it was very informative too. Flipkart team gave us the live demo of the feature and even we got a chance to try it on our own.

This Flipkart app has made our shopping life much more easier by making it easy to find any product that we wish by just uploading the image. With the help of click of the favorite products, the images helps us to get the same or similar products in Flipkart. Those days are gone now when it is difficult to remember a design that we liked when we were walking on the road. With this new feature on app, it is easy to find any of the wished products.

This new feature of flipkart app is already available in most of the categories like footwear, clothing and fashion accessories. The app picks the colour of the products, its shape and also the pattern very quickly. I am very impressed and would love to try it more

After the launch we were networking along with some delicious food and beer. Then there was a fun activity where six groups were formed each with 20 members. Each group was asked to find the maximum number of matching product within the limited time frame. So we all very busy in clicking the pictures of products and then trying to match the same on flipkart app. Our group managed to match around 20+ products and our group was in 3rd place in the activity. 

Next was the lunch. As most of us were already filled with variety of starters served along with drink, the main course did not attract immediate attention.  In main course, there was Vegetable Penne Arrabbiata , Grilled chicken with mashed potato and garlicky bread. After some networking with blogger friends we enjoyed our meals. Last but not the least ended our meal with brownie and vanilla icecream.

Lastly we received the book "10 Love Stories" from authors. I was happy to meet the authors and also clicked the photos with them as keep in my memories folder. In all it was the refreshing day to all of us and would love attend more indiblogger meet.

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