Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Sweet Love Bond of Togetherness

The real togetherness is sharing love and giving support to our elders since I feel rejuvenated when I stay blessed with their strong blessings. There are still some families who believe that living together provides strong support to each other in the family. They strongly believe no one can defeat them when families stay together.
Family support makes à great difference in our life .It gives us great courage when we are in depression and provides an appreciation that helps secure the best position in our life.In my life, our biggest family support was our grandpa. He was a man filled with positive vibes and hardworking attitude. It was known by people that my grandpa turned anything into gold when he it. He was one of the well-known man in our village and loved by the people. People showed à great respect towards him.
He always taught us that living together is the strongest support in our life. To validate his point, he gave examples. One common example was the differentiation between the power of single stick and many stick. Single sticks are easier to break compared to bundle of sticks. Till today, I follow his example and would really love to share it with my future generations

I still remember my childhood days. When we all cousins used to come together and have lot of funs with our grandpa. My grandpa was agriculturist and had fields with the large varieties of grains grown. His favorite time other than working in the field was fishing in the sea. 

But when we asked, he asked to take us to pond fishing, which was really a fun activity. Along with my grandpa, we all use to have à really great time. The pond was very big enough for fishing.There were red and white lotuses with broad leaves floating on the water. Sometimes the frogs croaked and it felt as if they were greeting us for the adventurous event. 

All of us (cousins) use to carry our own fishing stick with little sweet thing attached to our fishing hook. Very few of us got lucky in catching the fish. Still the funniest part for us was to act like a fisherman by holding stick and waiting for fish to get stuck in the hook.

Natures not only help us to stay refreshed but also help us to share strong bond with our dear ones. Truly it was the fun to play in greens and woods with our cousins in the village.

As I scan back my memories, there is à mixture of sadness and happiness. Happiness is because i had à chance to wrap my joyful days in my diary and sadness because I would never get back the chance to experience my joyful days again with my cousins and my late grandpa.

I really miss my grandpa, as he was my role model and a joyful person, who thought nothing is impossible. His hard work and positive attitude helped me to move in the right track in my life. Lastly I would like to conclude that nature of togetherness help us to grow strong in our life with our elder support and stay positive throughout our life.

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  1. I am really impressed with your statement "Lastly I would like to conclude that nature of togetherness help us to grow strong in our life with our elder support and stay positive throughout our life."