Friday, January 15, 2016

how to turn good mornings in to gold mornings


Mornings are incomplete without the warmth of the sun rays. When the golden rays of the sun fall down on my face, I understand that the beginning of the new day is started.

Colgate is a known brand which has never changed in my family. My family has never used other brand when comes to tooth brush and toothpaste.  When I visited indiblogger, I was surprised to see that Colgate has announced the blogging activity, where we will be getting gift hampers of latest Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush - #Colgate360GoldMornings. I was excited to get the hamper in my hand. After long time wait, finally hamper received at my doorstep. 

The hamper was heavy and attractive. I was very eager to know what’s inside the gift box. I was surprised to see a huge golden mug, one golden bottle to take to gym, a golden color brush for everyday routine in a beautiful black box and a golden letter for the details of the blogging. The letter was attractive and it resembled letters shown in mythological serials.

Early morning brushing of teeth is not just the routine. It is actually pampering our teeth so that they remain long and keep us fresh throughout our day. Hence i quickly replaced my old brush with Colgate 360 charcoal gold.  While I was brushing, I could even feel the brush on my teeth. The soft bristles of the teeth were just like feather tingling on my teeth.  Charcoal instilled on bristles truly remove the dirt and manage to keep teeth clean and shiny throughout the day. It worked much better than my regular toothbrush. I had a fun while brushing and had a good start with this amazing brush.

Every morning can be made golden mornings by doing mediation with pleasant music, online chats with friends, having a hot tea or hot coffee, yummy breakfast and reach office as soon as possible. I usually keep my things ready a day before so that I don’t find hard to carry my things that are required for every day. I also believe that if we wake up early in the morning, it keeps us feel fresh throughout our day. Believe me this really works. One investigation says that people who wake up early in the morning are dynamic in their work. If you have not started yet, you can give it a try and know how beautiful it is to be in routine.

For me golden morning will be when I follow my daily routine and make my day a success. Let me known how you make your good morning into golden morning.

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