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Proper food or diet is a must to kill anxiety amongst parents

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As children grow, there continues to be a wide range of observation parameters like height, weight, shape and many more, which if not normal can give parents a lot of anxiety.  While all parents expect normal growth, it cannot be denied that proper diet and exercise are needed to improve the child’s health.

Most parents can track the growth of their child through a simple log book (ex: chart) that keeps track of growth. Through a chart, it is easy to figure out whether the child is growing appropriately for their age. The progress chart (up or down) can help parents decide whether they need to take action (like consult doctor) or continue with existing nutrition.

Children need to gain not only adequate weight but also adequate height. A child's height can also be tracked on a chart. Good nutrition, care and hygiene, are necessary to give children proper growth.

Here are some important questions which parents always need to ask themselves when they have growing kids:
  • Is the child eating enough nutritious food? Additional nutritious food or consulting from doctors might be needed if the chart does not show good progress. Processed foods may help children gain unhealthy weights. Hence the focus should be on consumption of healthy foods such as nuts, dairy products, grains, pulses etc.
  • Is the child consuming the food that is given to him? There are many times children might not eat healthy food because of its taste. Hence parents need to find ways to mix healthy food with favorite food/taste of children.
  • Is the child bought up in an environment where there is clean surrounding? Clean food or water is important for the health of the kids otherwise doctor bills and worries will keep increasing. Sick children can increase worry a lot parents and it is not good for a healthy growing kid
As parents worry about different things, it is also important to note that there are some natural foods which if present in the nutrients of the kids, it can enable growth. Some of them are

  • Milk: It is a great source of calcium. Though many processed foods claim to be rich in calcium, milk if consumed in its natural form can be a great benefits to all kids.  The good part of milk is that there are many dishes that can be made with it. You can also mix Horlicks Growth+ with milk and give it to children
  • Eggs: Have you ever seen the advertisement which says “one egg a day can give lot of nutrients”. Even if you have not seen the advertisement, the fact is that egg is rich in protein , antioxidants, riboflavin and many other nutrients
  • Natural foods: Great natural foods like carrot (rich in vitamin A), mango (rich in vitamin A), spinach (rich in iron and magnesium) etc. help in growth of muscles and bones. If the raw taste is not liked by your kids then yummy recipes can be made using many of the available natural foods. Do check this blog for some great recipes
Apart from natural foods, products like Horlicks Growth+  provide advanced nutrition for growth and development. Available in two delicious flavors, this product provides

  • Naturally enhances growth
  • Helps in natural weight gain
  • Provides high quality protein
You can also use your chart readings and check using Horlicks Growth+ Calculator (Height and Weight) if your child is growing well.

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