Monday, March 27, 2017

An Adventure to Mt.Everest

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Brief familiarization for newbie Mount Everest travelers.

Mount Everest is still the eventual mountaineering dream of any voyager.  To view the earth from the one of the highest peak is probably one of most gratifying know-hows. Well an attempt on Everest is a commitment that needs huge amount of staunchness and resolve.

As I dreamt of this travel, I met a mountaineer who had already been planning for travel to this peak and had met many Everest travelers. He explained to me that not only the top of the peak but also along the route it is a beautiful experience. Every corner of the trail provides great photo occasion – stunning jungles, Sherpa settlements, glacial rubbles, and hills.
Other interesting things that I learned from the traveler where
  • Food:  Most climbers tend to keep easy to eat stuffs like a combination of Trail mix or nuts or dried fruit etc. These foods not only are safe and easy to eat, but they also have lots of slow burning releasing energy. On Everest you do not need to be worried about the fatty diet as advised by doctors! It is preferred to get fatty foods. But if you hate fatty foods, then do not force it. Most important rule is : ‘Do not try anything new’. Try something you are used to and not vice versa. At higher altitude it is difficult to digest hence it is important to focus on food that digests easily
  • Water: Most of the water is sourced by chipping clean ice from the glacier to melt for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing water for the entire team. All the water is melted from ice and there is always a hot thermos so everyone can have tea, hot chocolate, or coffee. It is important to plan and devote time to collect and melt the water that is needed for the whole day.

Well as I listened to it, it was good since it saved lot of my research. For me the dream of Mt Everest needs lot of practice. But if you are an active adventurer and not afraid to break a sweat,  then there are many full trekking support companies working at the base of Mt Everest that will help in opening a dream window at top of the world

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