Sunday, September 10, 2017

Love Jatao To Our Grandparents

Friends, today(10th September 2017) is special day. Do you know what it is. Well it is Grandparents Day

I am among those lucky one who go to spend childhood with grandparents, but today i just have memories. When i hear through different papers the treatment netted out to senior citizens by some spoiled citizens of this world,  i have hatred. I wonder this unlucky people do not know the importance of parents or grandparents. For me having both my parents and grandparents during my formative years as been a great experience.
My grandma

i was not only blessed with lot of love and care, but also learnt lot of things.Today i wish to do some #LoveJatao to my grandparents. Hope some of this can be helpful to people who have their grandparents. I can only dream. This is how i would have spent my day with my grandmom if they were with me today

1.     Get up early in the morning (5a.m) and help her finish the early morning chores (this includes cleaning the whole house, making sure to apply a layer of cow dung on the yard where things were kept for drying , spray water in the veranda so that mud settles down, making sure the dough is ready to prepare the breakfast for all us, water from the well is fetched and all the utensils are filled for the day, all nights utensils are back to their locations etc )
2.     Go with her to the garden and pick up fresh vegetables and flowers (She was one of the person who believed in self sufficiency and all the veggies for the house were cultivated by her in the own backyard)
3.     Release the chickens and cows to their respective routine of grazing after collecting fresh eggs and milk (I remember she thought me how to milk but for some reasons the cows responded to her touch only)
4.     Once back, it was almost 6.30am. She used to start grinding for the morning breakfast and give wake up calls so that people wake up in the morning ( I would have loved to do that. She had unique ways of calling everyone. She was loud enough to reach everybody ear)
5.      As the grinding on the stone was happening, fresh poories or idlies or poha used to get ready on the  ancient gas ( I has a child used to use a small pipe and blow air so that flames were always awake and cooking food)
6.     All people were allowed breakfast only after bath. If someone was coming after 8.30am he used to get cold breakfast as the choolah used to get used for lunch cooking. My grandma was very strict and hardly anyone broke the rules. Kids were allowed but grandma kept a tab on the number of time we behaved mischievously and she had her own way of hitting back to us by rewarding the rule followers with their favorites dishes and others with their not so favorites dishes
7.     The most interesting part in the day, where she used not take any help from anyone was while mixing the quantities of spices and coconuts in curries and vegetables. She believed that present generation does not have the knowledge of it
8.     She was uneducated , but she loved to listen to world news. So we used to read newspapers stories to her and I used to also make sure she used to listen to everyday news on the radio. 
9.     The most favorite food of her was ice-cream mixed with fresh fruits. Today with so many varieties available, I am sure she would have enjoyed it the most

How did you enjoy your grandparent’s day today? Hope you had fun

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

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