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I Pledge to save water and educate others in household chores #CuttingPani

Water Scarcity has become a reality. Despite so much water that is available for all of us, either we waste lot of it or do not have proper methods to save water. Recently when Bangalore city was called out as the next city to be out of water, i was alarmed that how will we survive.

The other day, my husband showed the tremendous bill our society for getting water from tankers since the bore wells have dried out. In the midst of all this, i just wondered how our kids will live. It's high time we make something.

As I just browsed through the web, I got this interesting information. 
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 Though this figures might vary based on different country, any small contribution from each one of us will make a difference since 'many many drops combined together from a ocean'.

So here are some of the things i have decided to follow daily. It's not only me but my whole family is supporting since i have decided to take a pledge to save water. 

These changes though it looks small are having a big positive impact since i am happy that i am teaching my kids and family the right thing. I am just not talking but actually doing it. It is important that we walk the talk. Steps take by me at home are

1.  No more usage of shower for baths

 All of us at home have stopped using the shower for baths. Instead we have started using the 
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 2. Washing of Car and bike with buckets

Whenever the cleaning person used to wash our vehicles , he used to rely on pipes and wash the vehicles. He used to take care that water does not split on other vehicles or it does not flow on the roads. Though he did not waste much water (as per his standards), we have made a decision to change the car wash using bucket. At our native, water is sourced from the well. But there also we have been able to convince our relatives to use buckets to clean/wash vehicles
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 3. Use tap to fill water and not let the water spill out

It is normally a habit at households, to let the water from the tap flow when brushing teeth or washing utensils. With the advent of washing machine, tap water does not flow when washing clothes at most urban households. 

But it is important, to store the water in tap or mug and not to waste it. Everyone at our house, now has started doing the same. When washing utensils, i use either bucket or big utensils to store water rather than running water from tap to clean household utensils.

Similarly while washing hands, use water from buckets rather than using flowing water from tap

4. Water plants at efficient time

Avoid watering plants with a pipe. Rather use a watering funnel so that water does not get wasted much. Also it is advisable to water during morning hours so that less water would be evaporated and plants get the benefit of water more

5. Purchase water efficient products

Goods used at home should be water resourceful. As of now, I am not sure whether they are or not, but the plan is that when we replace our taps, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers or anything else we will try to focus not only on energy efficient products but also on water-saving products

6. Reuse the water produced in kitchen

We have been trying to reuse the water from kitchen rather than throwing it out. For instance the water collected from washing vegetables/dal/fruits/fish etc is fed to the plants in our garden. This is actually a win win situation for the plants and for our water saving mentality.

Another example of water re-use is that water collected from washing dal and rice can be used to clean utensils used to cook fish or eggs. It helps in removing the smell faster. 

I have been learning this tricks from friends and some of them based on my experimentation. This is a small change but i hope it will make a different in mindset and will achieve the ultimate goal of saving water

7. Other interesting videos to inspire you on water saving

Here are some interesting video that spread the message of #CuttingPani

I have decided to take the battle from my house and spread the word to family and friends. We together can play a big role 

How are you contributing in saving water?

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