Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Dalgona Coffee - A Trending Coffee of Lockdown Times

Have you ever tasted or heard of Dalgona Coffee anytime?? Its on trending during this lockdown period. I could see everyone posting recipe of Korean style Dalgona coffee on every social media platform and getting millions of views. Basically this Dalgona Coffee should also be named as "Viral Coffee"

Dalgona coffee has a colour similar to Dalgona, a spongy sugary korean toffee. Hence the coffee got its name.

The name of the coffee make us to think that recipe of it might be little tricky, but believe me it is so easy and simple. Just whip the coffee with sugar and water till frothy and mix it with milk just as you do for a regular Indian hot coffee. But only a thing  you need to know is the actual trick of serving this coffee.

If anyone missing their fancy coffee, you can try out this coffee without much hassle..Without much delay lets start with the recipe.

  • Instant Coffee -2 tbsp
  • Hot Water - 2 tbsp
  • Sugar -2 tbsp
  • Chilled Milk - 2 cups

  • Mix in instant coffee, hot water and sugar into the big bowl.  Whisk it together till you get nice soft peaks of coffee.
  • It may take hardly 3 to 4 minutes to make a  foam.
  • This quantity of coffee foam makes a two serving of small glasses of dalgona coffee.
  • To serve the coffee- Fill in 3/4th of a glass with chilled milk and then pour oven a spoonful of prepared coffee foam.
  • Voila! Dalgona Coffee is ready to serve

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