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Bedtime Funda

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Your baby will be more comfortable if she knows what's coming next. The more comfortable she or he is, the more likely the baby will go to bed easily and fall asleep quickly. Sticking to some bed time routine can make it easier for your baby to settle down in unfamiliar surroundings.

Hence it is important to set up a bedtime routine at the earliest so that the baby will get a sound sleep at night. A bedtime ritual can also be good for parents so that they get enough time to spend with their baby.

Here are some fun bedtime routine ideas which can make your baby have a pleasant sleep at night.

Give your baby a bath.
A bath can be a wonderful method for bedtime rituals. Warm water bathe gives baby a soothing experience. Besides warmness, it is a great way to relieve your baby into bed time. Baby gets excited during bath and most of them enjoy it a lot. Make them to sit in a small baby tub and give them their favorite toys to play. They will surely enjoy it. Also it is a pleasurable moment for both parent and baby.

Play a game with your baby
Playing games can be the other fun bed time ritual. Playing a silent game in the baby's bedroom is a best way to spend time with baby before it's time for bed.  Try to keep the game as simple as “peekaboo” or it can be some other game that can really entertain your baby. But remember the game should be easy since your baby should not be over excited before it’s time for bed.

Have a chat with your baby 
Bedtime is a good chance for parents to spend some time chatting with their baby. You don't have to wait until your baby is big enough. Simply you can review your whole day’s experience to him or her in your voice. Do watch the baby reaction. They actually enjoy it and are excited to hear from you.

Read a bedtime story 
Most babies sleep well when they hear a bedtime story. They enjoy the most, when stories are told in action. This can also benefit your baby in gaining additional knowledge. Actually your baby will recognize new words, try to pronounce it and this can improve your baby’s language skills.

Singing a traditionally lullaby.
Singing a lullaby has proved to be the best way to get your baby a pleasant sleep. Repeatedly hearing to a lullaby, your baby will start loving the song. The soothing melody of song can calm him or her and make them fall asleep peacefully.

Wishing Goodnight.
Babies treat their toys as living things and they enjoy themselves in the company of toys. When babies are carried around saying goodnight to their favorite toys, dolls and all the people in the home they enjoy it a lot

Here is a beautiful video of Pampers which shows happy morning of every babies.

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