Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dreams to Achieve in Life

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Life is beautiful and it is important to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Life is a beautiful journey. This beautiful journey makes us to come across many good and bad things. We meet many people around us, who give us great experiences and cherishing memories. But I have learnt that life also has its own share of struggles. The struggles can be with family, health, money and many more. These struggles or issues that arise are just one part of our life. They are not our whole life.
 People should know the value of life and try to spend their life in positive way. Life is beautiful gift from god and we all have only one chance of living our life to the fullest. Hence enjoy the life in your own style and dream about it as much as you can.

I am a person who has many dreams and desires. I have many things to explore or give before my time ends in this world. I believe that I can reach my desires or wishes if I live my life “Befikar umar bhar”, which means “tension free for the whole life”.

So here are my five things on my bucket list that I would love to achieve if I were Befikar Umar bhar:

First thing on my bucket list is to visit my dream place - I want to visit European countries. I had many tours abroad, but never got a chance to visit Europe. It is my dream destination. Europe has many historical buildings that show its great heritage. Not to forget the beautiful natural spots. Hence I will definitely visit Europe in my life time.

Second thing on my bucket list is to write a recipe book – Cooking is my passion and I have succeeded in mastering the art of cooking. Hence now I wish to write my own recipe book. My dream is to become a perfect cook and good author in culinary field. So very soon I would foray in writing field and try to achieve the title of “successful writer”.

Third thing on my bucket list is to learn food styling photography – I am a food blogger. Some think running a food blog can be easy. I also thought on similar lines before blogging. But after I started a blog, I learnt that audience shows major interest in a good recipe that is presented using good food styled photographs.  I want to be a professional photographer and want to impress everyone on my blog.

Fourth thing on my bucket list is to help the orphanage people- I would love to build a hostel for the orphanage children and old people. They will have all the facilities and good environment. I dream of helping all the needy members of the society, who think life is not beautiful.

Fifth thing on my bucket list is to become a perfect dancer- I love dancing since my childhood. But I never joined any classes and desires were lost in my busy routine. Since I have promised myself that I will live my life without any worries, I wish to fulfill even this desire of my mine. I wish to join one of the best classical dance classes and learn dancing skills.

The above five items complete my top five bucket list. I am sure I will definitely fulfill all of my dreams. Just need your best wishes. Do you have any bucket list?

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