Sunday, February 15, 2015

Getting Unconditional Love With Asus

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As February month has already started, love seems to be in the air. This month spreads love all around the world. And everyone would be hopeful to find their true love to spend this beautiful time with lots of gifts and kisses. And this is the best time to pamper our self this valentine day. 

Every where you go, you will find the shops packed with valentine gifts and abundant offers on all the merchandises around. The pressure is really high and all are looking to buy red colored gift, which is known to be the sign off Valentine Day.

I love to gift myself on this occasion and would love to get a smart phone on this valentine day. It’s been a very long time since I started looking for new Smartphone. Luckily I am slipped upon this Asus Zenfone on Flipkart. After reading the specification/features, I would definitely love to buy Asus Zenfone. I now well, that this phone will pamper me on this valentine day.

Asus Zenfone smartphone will be the best gift ever I had and it will be my Ideal Valentine. And I would like to tell those five beautiful reasons on why the Asus Zenfone is my ideal valentine.

My First reason – We spend lot of money on celebration of Valentine’s Day. Sometimes our expenses exceed our budget.  But Asus Zenfone is available at an affordable price starting @ Rs 5299/-. It is definitely very stylish and one of the best attractive smart phones.  It is available on many online websites, which can be easily accessed.

My Second Reason - Asus zenfone can give us a gift of “flying to Singapore” if we get lucky. I had many tours abroad. But never got a chance to visit Singapore and it is my dream place. I feel I have a chance of wining the tickets of Singapore. If not I can at least hope to win a vouchers of 1 K.

My Third Reason – Pixelmaster is the distinctive Asus technology that creates excellent class photos. And these photos will bring back us our memoirs, when we want to value them in future. With integration of stabilization technology, pixelmaster guarantees shake free photos. This can help me to capture the photos during my next travel and I can click as many as selfies with my love.

My Fourth Reason – I play lot of games on my phones and my battery dies in no time. Sometimes this annoys me a lot.  But when I researched about Asus Zenfone, I found that it has a long battery life. So I can play the games without thinking much on battery.  This can be the strong reason for me to choose Asus Zenfone as my Ideal Valentine.

My Fifth reason – Asus Zenfone is a dual sim phone, which is available in wide variety. We can personalize our phone as per our feel. Asus Zenfone powered by Intel gives the liberty to do fast download and fast surfing. This phone has full HD display which makes my gaming experience more amazing. Lastly I can say Asus Zenfone has new technology which has turned complication into easiness. 

Check out the video below to experience #UnconditionalLoveAdvert with the Zenfone

Do not think much, Go and grab one for you on and make this valentine's day more special.

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