Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our Togetherness

Marriages are made in heaven. But we do not know how our marriages are written in our fate. I was always against arranged Marriage. I always wondered how can unknown people marry and decide to live together forever in lifetime. This thought always revolved around my mind and I was little scared of arranged marriage.

Once my degree was over, I was badly looking out for a job. After my completion of Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, I wanted a job that would let me advance my inspiration and skill in the field that I chose to study for 4 year degree. It was bit difficult to search a job. After a long search I was able to join the diploma college as Assistant Professor. Though my salary was less, I started to enjoy my everyday activities at work place. At those days, we all friends had found a new time pass: surfing marriage sites (Matrimonial site). Surfing matrimonial site was a fun activity. We would simply register our-self, visit random male profiles and have fun on commenting on their profiles.

On one accidental day, I too registered my name on Matrimonial site with my parent’s permission. They did not have any objection as they were planning the same for me, which I got to know later. Though it was time pass for me, but my parents were very serious on searching a groom for me. After sometime, fun started getting serious. Some unknown people started calling at our home with marriage proposals. Then I realized it was getting too serious. In less than a month, I found myself in a to-be bride’s costume. There was somebody coming with his family to see me at my home. The boy was good and handsome. But he did not speak a word. When I served him sweets, he just thanked me with his head down. I was little confused. Then we were given a permission to know about each other by going and chit chatting in a separate room. So I decide to take him to our study room since it was quite and there was nice ambiance. To my surprise, I found this boy had a lot to speak and his lovely smile made me fall in love with him for rest of my life. 

Our engagement was fixed and fortunately we had a 6 month gap before our wedding. Those 6 months were beautiful. We would chat for long hours on phone, video chatting etc despite staying in two different states. And then we got married on May 2011.
Our new phase of our life from love to responsibility had begun.

My imagination was totally wrong and in a short time a stranger had become a part of my life.  Now it is about four years after getting married we both are happy with each other and will be #Together Forever.

Thank god for giving such an understanding man in my life.

This post is written as a part of the campaign #together

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  1. Really interesting and typical way of marriage like as Asian countries.. God bless you all the happiness of life and both of you live together forever.... Ameen!!