Sunday, March 15, 2015

#StartANewLife towards the Journey of Drink Free Life!

“Please… Dad it’s not at all good for you! Why don’t you leave it forever? You promised us to leave it? Please throw that in the dustbin! I beg you dad. Please!, please, please… (Trailed by innumerable teardrops and requests)!

Visions are dreams that you wish to achieve. It takes sheer hard work and commitment to turn this vision to a reality. Quite analogous was a little vision prevailing deep within me. I always lived with that question in her mind— “Will my Dad ever quite Drinking?” This question though a little one has grown within me. Finally the little vision became true in real sense.

As I recollect those old golden jiffies of childhood, I feel yearning.  Those days were filled with immense pleasure but there has always been a shady and unpleasant touch to that delight of ours. The stronger dad’s compulsion, the firmer my belief that I should make him get rid of it one fine day. This belief was the trigger against the drinking monster… 

In 2000, with the help of my uncle and friends, decided to take dad out of his depressed world and show him the worldly realism's. This was needed to make dad recognize that there is a life, which is much more enjoyable than the dreadful and harmful one he was living. I sometimes felt he wasn't even aware of non-drinking life.

Nothing could be as apt as that very day which was equally special for both Mom and Dad. I had turned 21, only to comprehend that dad was still lost in his world of drinking reserved in dimness. Both my parents kissed me on my forehead at 12 midnight the previous day itself. I discarded the grief of Dad’s isolation since I had already made a plan for the next day. The plan was to change the next day into an unforgettable one for the whole of our lives.

Mom and my friends used their creative side for preparing anti-Drinking posters the whole day with drinking awareness messages in bold. I used my technical skills to create a movie and a powerpoint presentation indicating the health threats and minute risks of Drinking. Then we adorned Dad’s entire room with those posters and adjusted his laptop. We then got prepared for the next big moment until he entered and switched on the lights.

And then the time had come for us to deliver our hard work. He was shocked initially on seeing his changed room. But on seeing my friends, he calmed down as he couldn't express his anger openly. I gave a “good” grade to myself in the head and started the talk. Dad saw everything, scrutinized every bit of our little demo and understood the suffering he had been giving to his mind and body along with our souls. As we were entering the last phase of our execution, the small tear droplets on my dad’s face turned into bigger ones. I requested him yet again to quit Drinking for once and for all and asked him to grant me the most special birthday gift.

Brimming with emotions, tear drops rolled out from his eyes too the moment he came to know the fact that he had forgotten that special moment his baby was born and he had drank also on this special occasion.  It was almost the end of the day, but my dad hugged me and cried like a child. Then he rushed out to a nearby market and somehow managed to get the cake. He also called some of his best friends to come to our home ASAP (most of his friends actually were aware of our work and some of them had supported us in our plan). I was speechless to see his vast love and wonderful emotions for me carved deep inside his heart.

As we completed my birthday celebrations, my dad’s friend gave me a gift packet and asked me to open it. To my surprise it was a letter showing that my dad has been enrolled into a “alcohol rehabilitation center”. My joy had no bounds and I could not think of any better gift at this point of my time and struggle.

There is a saying— “It’s better late than never”! No, it wasn't the end but a new start with a new stance along with a beautiful change for our entire family. Thereafter, dad promised never to even think of Drinking again and I was successful in successful my challenge which was indeed, the most superior birthday present I could ever gift to myself. With the help of rehabilitation center he was able to successfully get rid of his addiction for lifetime.

This was indeed, a second of pride which brought back the vivacity to my life. The major change I could ever make into my life lies in the fact that I made my father quit a risky habit. This not only brought back the splendor to my entire family but an endless happiness that I will cherish throughout my life. I did #StartANewLife with my courageous move. This was my victory over drinking evil, which had almost destroyed my family.

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