Monday, April 13, 2020

Dalgona - Korean Sugar Candy With Only Two Ingredients

The story starts, when I came across Dalgona Coffee on tiktok getting viral. Was really wanting to try this recipe. It looked quiet easy and yet innovative in appearance. Tried the recipe and was impressed with its taste. Dalgona coffee is quiet creating buzz among every people during this lockdown period. The detailed recipe of Dalgona Coffee is already in my blog. Though coffee had impressed my taste bud, still my mind was very curious to know, What the word "Dalgona" really meant to be? and To which region it might belong to?. There were such questions popping up into my mind. 

And you know Google is our search master, where it heals all our queries in just one click. After many try, I could find that Dalgona was actually a Korean sugar sponge candy. The term "Dalgona" was derived from the word "Dalgoona' which means "sweet" in Korean language. These candies are very famous as fun street snack where every people  in Korea enjoys it and bring out their childhood memories back. This is also heart winning sweet snack among many youngsters too.

Dalgona is prepared with only two ingredients that is sugar and baking soda. When mix together makes a foamy mixture and then it is set to make these crispy candy. It is quiet easy recipe and hardly takes 1 minute for whole process. For more creativity, you can make use of any shape of cookie cutter for tatooting the candy. I kept it plain to keep that traditional look to the candy. You can make as you like ,anyways it taste best.  My daughter and my husband really loved the taste of candy and in no time all of my candies was over. The texture and colour of the candy makes it indulging and cannot resist anyone from not picking up these lovely candy. Try out this easy traditional korean candy and give it to your family, they will surely love it. Lets start with the recipe now.


This measurement will serve for one candy. Likewise you can repeat the same measurement for each number of candy.
  • Sugar - 1tbsp
  • Baking soda - a pinch
  • Ice cream stick or wooden skewer - 1 no 
  • Cast iron ladle or aluminum ladle - 1 no (I used my deep bottomed seasoning pan, you can refer in the video below) .I suggest not to use steel ladle.
  • Oil to grease the surface

  • Firstly grease the surface at where  you are going to set the candy. I did it on my counter surface.
  • Place ladle on the low flame .Add in1 tbsp of sugar and stir it continuously until sugar completely melts using icecream stick. The same ice cream stick you will be using to make the candy.
  • Switch off the flame,. Add a pinch of baking soda and stir continuously till you see frothy mixture.
  • Now quickly pour the frothy mixture on the greased counter surface and place the same ice cream stick at the middle of the candy.
  • Leave the candy for 10 sec on the greased counter surface .
  • Here we go Dalgona candy is ready in no time.
  • If you want to make another candle, simply place the used ladle in the water for few minutes and wash it without any hassle. Your ladle will be clean and ready in making another candle. Repeat it after you make each candy.
  • You can repeat the same measurement to make another candy. Likewise you can make any number of candies.
  • It tastes great and surely you will end up doing atleast 4 to 5 candies.
Click on Video to Check Steps for Dalgona Recipe

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